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Tired Of Bleached Ends? Grow Your Hair Out Using These Tips

Roots are the arch-nemesis of anyone who loves to experiment with hair color and switch up their look. What happens when you just want to grow out your natural color and transition away from your bleached blonde look?

Unlike a couple of inches of hair growth, which can be easily fixed at your nearest salon, growing out your roots and transitioning back to being a brunette requires a lot more work. This is because the entire goal is to get the roots to grow long enough to remove the blonde from your hair.

Yes, the growing out process will take a lot of time, but these tips will help you navigate it a whole lot better.

Keep Your Hair At A Single Length

One of the keys to getting all the bleached bits out is to make sure that you’re keeping your hair at one length. This means cutting a couple of inches off the ends every few months as your hair grows. This will ensure a cohesive and neat look.

Frequently cutting your ends will also make sure your ends look healthy, fresh, and damage-free, and will prevent your hair from thinning out toward the bottom.

You can also play around with the length by experimenting with different styles like angled bobs, layers, steps, and even fringes.

Try To Blend The Roots More Seamlessly

If your natural hair is a lot darker than the bleached bits, the growth will be accompanied by a harsh line separating the two. This will make your hair look messy, unkempt, and unmaintained.

You may be tempted to dye your bleached ends darker, but this will make it harder to distinguish between the two colors might lead to the darker color fading into a copper-ish residual color, which doesn’t suit everyone.

The best way to counter this is to dye your bleached bits a darker, more textured blonde, like honey, or caramel to blend it in with the roots a little more seamlessly. This will make sure that you still sport a stylish look as you wait for your hair to grow out.

Use Hair Extensions To Your Advantage

Finally, if you’re really having a hard time maintaining a good look while growing your roots out, try giving your hair color depth and texture using hair extensions. They can help take the attention away by artfully creating a rich and blended effect for your hair.

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