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Long Hair Is Back In Fashion! Here Are 3 Ways To Style Them!

Long hair lovers raise your hands! One of the best things about 2020 has been the re-introduction of long hair as a fashion trend. Following the trend, many celebrities exchanged their short hair looks for wigs and extensions and fashion shows have been showing more and more long hair looks than ever.

To make the most of the trend, here are three of our favorite ways to style long hair and make sure all eyes are on you.

Nothing is Sexier Than This Luscious Ponytail

Pair a high pony tail with a tuck-in shirt for your business meeting, or grab a floral skirt and your favorite bright purse to wear your ponytail to a date—rest assured, that wherever you go, you won’t be going wrong with this style. Simple and versatile, the ponytail draws attention to you face, making no attempt at hiding any of your beautiful features.

Stun Everyone With This Dutch-French Braid

If you have an event that you need to look super sophisticated, yet edgy for, this Dutch-French braid will make the perfect fit. Adding the necessary confidence and perkiness to any outfit, this look will make sure you feel you best both inside and out at the most demanding of events.

The Dutch-French braid is a classic choice to complement the smart-casual style, from button-down shirts to t-shirts and shorts.

These Playful Curls Will Quickly Become The Life Of The Party

If you like a bit of texture and dimension, these curls will be right up your alley! Perfect for a romantic dinner night, these curs look like they pulled right out from a fairytale. If your hair is highlighted, these curls will make sure to add depth and an illusion of extra volume to your look.

Pair these curls with a pastel colored dress and high heels. Complete the entire get-up with natural makeup focusing on creating a youthful glow and enjoy your time!

In love with the hairstyles? Would you like to try them? Don’t worry if you have short hair or your hair isn’t thick enough to product the same effect, that problem can be easily fixed—without you having to carry out extensive hair routines for an indefinite amount of time.

Ever considered hair extensions? They are an easy and quick solution to get long, beautiful hair without the ‘wait’. If you’re looking for a reliable company that sells high-quality human hair extensions, hop on over to our brazilian hair bundles and natural looking hair extensions at Hairstore4u! For more information, reach our team here!

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