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Wooden Hairbrush with A Strand of Hair Extensions

5 Don’ts to Prevent Damage to Your Hair Extensions

Quality hair extensions can be quite expensive. They require proper and careful maintenance to increase their lifespan while ensuring their appearance. If you regularly get hair extensions, you know you must visit the salon every few weeks to get treatment for your hair extension and get them readjusted if required. This ensures that they remain neat, shiny, and healthy-looking.

However, with the current pandemic and so many restrictions for visiting a simple salon, its difficult to keep up with the regular hair appointments. This means you need to make sure you are taking proper care of your hair extensions to prevent any damage.

Here are all the things you must avoid to protect your hair extensions and boost their lifespan:

DON’T brush them like your natural hair

The first rule of maintaining your hair extensions and preventing any damage to them is to use the right brush. Regular hairbrushes can create tangles or reduce the volume of your extensions. Use hairbrushes that are specially made for hair extensions such as broad bristle brush or ‘wet’ brush and brush them gently to avoid damage.

DON’T Leave Them Without Drying Them Completely

Not drying your hair extensions completely after washing them can reduce their quality over time. Damp hair also have a higher risk of tangling and can cause the extensions to become loose. Make sure you dry them with a soft fabric instead of a harsh towel after each wash and use a hairdryer on normal heat to retain their quality.

Don’t Use Excessive Heat or Style Them Too Much

Using too many styling products and excessive heat on the extensions can damage them significantly by removing all the natural moisture. You can use a straightener or a curling iron once or twice a week. But using heating tools every day with lots of products such as serums and gels will cause the extensions to become dry and brittle.

Don’t Try to Cut Them Yourself

Cutting hair extensions is something only an expert should do. If you try to cut your extensions at home, you will probably end up doing more harm than good. Hair extensions are not like your natural hair and require special scissors and expertise to cut and style.

Don’t Forget to Moisturize and Clarify the Roots

Even though you might be stuck at home, but that’s no reason to skip your regular hair care and maintenance routine. It’s important to remove any excess oil and clarify your roots to ensure the quality of your hair extensions. You should also use a gentle shampoo and natural leave-in conditioner to moisturize your hair extensions thoroughly.

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