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Beautiful woman with flowing natural curls and deep waves.

3 Hair Extension Hacks To Add Instant Volume And Length To Your Hair!

It’s time you stop dreaming for hair like Dolly Parton’s or waking up in Kate Middleton’s body only for that gorgeous royal hair! Because we’re here to make your hair dreams true.

It’s right after all that the bigger the hair, the closer to heaven. Don’t worry about getting your head in the clouds because nothing is impossible or unrealistic when it comes to hair. Hair breathes life and adds character to your personality, and you deserve to flaunt it with great volume and an ideal length.

Don’t shy away from buying natural-looking hair extensions. They’re the quickest, easiest, and most affordable solution for your hair plans. Let’s look at some hacks for voluminous lobs or curls that never fall out.

Customize The Length For Your Taste

As much as long hair is a style statement, some women can rock short hair with equal grace. When it comes to hair, it all depends on how you want to see yourself.

If you’re struggling with thinning hair and bald spots, it’s better to chop off the lengths and preserve wellness. But that length looks chic and stylish with hair extensions to add some volume. All you need is to clip on extensions in areas where the hair feels most flat. Trim the length to match your natural hair. You don’t need to keep the excess inches just because you paid for it; your hair is more valuable!

The trick is to customize styling with hair extensions to match your natural hair and experiment with rules to make your own.

Extra Length For Extra Flow

If you already have long hair thinning toward the tips, you might need to add volume to your lengths. The transformation to your facial profile once you do that will be unbelievable!

Adding volume to long hair is easier than working on short hair. All you need to do is clip on or sew lace closures on the lower part of your scalp near the neck. Make sure the extensions match your natural length or are a few inches longer.

Part your hair sideways and attach extensions on the sides for a fuller look on the crown. Style your hair as usual, and you’re ready to walk the red carpet!

Style It Cleverly

Some hairstyles can be game changers when you want to give your hair a volume boost or extra length. It’s all about using your hands and tools to work with your hair to look chic and modern or saucy and gorgeous.

High ponytails are great for creating an illusion of length. Attach your hair extensions right in the middle and towards the lower end of the scalp for the best length. Don’t clip any wefts on the sides or near the temples. Scoop all your hair in a bunch and tie it up with a scrunchy. Even out any flyaways with hairspray and there you have the most fashionable gel-back look with your mane flowing down your back.

For volume, curling or blow-drying works the best. Use a thicker curling rod or styling brush to make your hair. Work upwards toward the top of your head to fluff your hair when they settle. Use hairspray to set your hair. Rake the roots at the end to open the curls and add more mass to your beautiful curls.

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